Permanent hair removal for Her & Him



Bettina Gerny, dipl. Nurse, specializes over ten years on permanent hair removal by IPL and SHR and has successfully treated safely more than 10,000 men and women in this time in Basel.


With both technologies it is now possible to remove the body hair gently, painlessly and in particular permanently and safe. The result is pleasing and the next summer can come ...


You will be treated professionally with the latest and most successful appliances on the market of the USA/Israeli company Alma Lasers Ltd. (Harmony and Spa SHR).


Depending on your skin and hair type as well as the part of the body are needed usually 4 to 9 treatments for successful, permanent hair removal. Come without treatment obligation for free advice so that you know exactly before your decision what to expect.



IPL SHR & Devices



The latest technology in permanent hair removal. The application is painless, gentle, effective and scientifically proven by various medical studies. Also dark and tanned skin can be treated, can be so started every season with a successful therapy.


The device works with multiple pulses with fast refresh rate and lower fluence. The treatment area is heated for a long time to around 45 degrees, with the result that the protein is denatured in the stem cells of the hair roots and therefore permanently grow no hair.



This device works with short, intense pulses of light, leading to a warming of the hair roots and the hair shaft to approximately 70 degrees. The energy which is led by the melanin in hair stem cells, these destroyed and grow no hair after.



Treatment Procedure

How does the permanent hair removal with pulsed light?

Unlike the laser pulsed light has not only one wavelength (monochromatic) but a tuned to your  skin and hair image wavelength spectrum. This allows the light energy be optimally absorbed by the hair with different melanin content, without damaging the skin. As a result, the temperature in the hair shaft and the hair root is increased resp. in the hair follicle so that the proteins are denatured in the stem cells. Hairs that are in the growth phase, can be destroyed irreversibly so.

Preparation for the first treatment

Before the first treatment you will be informed in a counseling session in detail about the permanent hair removal with pulsed light, the equipment used and the aesthetic possibilities. Thereafter, three light pulses are set with different energies, so that the device can be matched to your individual skin and hair image on the body to be treated. Earliest, after 24 hours (duration of the examination of the skin's appearance is used) can be started with the first treatment.

It is important to ensure that you 2 days ago and after treatment waive intensive sunbathing and tanning beds (at HarmonyLEO). In addition, the hair must be shaved two days before the treatment. Waxing and plucking is 6 weeks ago and banned between sessions, shaving is allowed.

As the treatment work?

On the site to be treated a thin layer of ultrasound gel is applied. Thereafter, the treatment can begin with the handpiece. Depending on the size of the treated area (s) the session lasts from a few minutes (for example axillary) to a few hours (both legs). After the meeting, the place is cooled by cold compresses for a few minutes; finished. You can go about your normal activities again.

What I feel during treatment?

Depending on the body, a light pulse at HarmonyLEO may feel as a slight tingling sensation to an unpleasant Piksen. In SpaSHR one experiences a continuous heating of the treatment area without any real pain.

What I feel after the treatment?

Due to the supplied light energy a slight reddening of the skin is possible and desirable (sign of the ideal treatment parameter) which rapidly decays (a few hours). In HarmonyLEO the site should not be exposed to the sun (no tanning beds!) during the following 2 weeks. In SpaSHR we recommend despite comparatively smaller light sensitivity, the use of sun protection during sun exposure.

When I see a result?

With HarmonyLEO most hairs fell out in 1 to 3 weeks -  in  3 to 5 weeks after the first meeting with SpaSHR, where only those who have been in treatment in the anagen phase, will not grow back; the success is visible.

How many sessions do I need?

For a complete, permanent hair removal you need depending on the body and disposition usually 4 to 8 sessions. In exceptional cases, more sessions may be needed. This is due to that roughly 15 - 30% of hairs in the anagen phase (growth phase) and only these could be destroyed. The telogen phase (resting phase) the hair is depending on the body 12-24 weeks, so the treatment should extend over a period of min. 6 months. The treatment interval is depending on the body region 4 to 12 weeks.

If the hair removed permanently?

Hair treated in the growth phase with the flash lamp are definitely destroyed and will never grow again.

Prices Treatment

The counseling session incl. Sample treatment is free.

The following prices are maximum prices and per treatment (session). If you already after 2-3 treatments have many areas without hair, we will charge you no longer full price. If, however, the hair is less dense, but scattered all over the area, so the price remains the same. With simultaneous treatment of more than two parts of the body are given a discount.





Upper lip and chin                                              CHF 100.-

Nose / bridge of the nose                                  CHF 100.-

Ears                                                                         CHF 100.-

Collar                                                                      CHF 150.-

Face women                                                         CHF 200.-

Face men                                                               CHF 250.-

Face & Neck                                                          CHF 300.-

Armpits on both sides                                       CHF 100.-

Upper arms on both sides of                           CHF 180.-

Forearms and hands                                          CHF 180.-

Hands                                                                     CHF 100.-

Whole arms & hands                                         CHF 350.-

Breast wreath                                                      CHF 100.-

Chest Women                                                      CHF 125.-

Breast Men                                                           CHF 180.-

Belly                                                                        CHF 180.-

Chest & belly men                                              CHF 350.-

Shoulders                                                              CHF 180.-

Loin                                                                         CHF 150.-

Full back / shoulder / neck                               CHF 450.-

Bikini small                                                          CHF 100.-

Bikini United                                                       CHF 200.-

Bikini wholesale & Intimate                           CHF 250.-

Buttocks                                                                CHF 225.-

Thigh                                                                      CHF 350.-

Lower legs / feet / knees                                  CHF 280.-

Feet                                                                         CHF 100.-

Whole legs & feet                                               CHF 600.-

Whole Legs & Feet & Bikini                             CHF 750.-